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For over 150 years Caldwells craftsmen have been producing tools with the reputation for quality and durability. Founder Peter Caldwell was a man of great vision and enthusiasm. An engineer with pioneering spirit, He was determined to deliver the highest quality and most efficient service to his customer. He achieved this through hard work and by embracing new technologies and innovations, becoming amongst the first businesses to invest in the telephone and the motorcar, while others still conducted commerce by letter and horse-drawn cart. Soon Caldwells was providing quality tools to many of the largest companies in the North of England. Through the 20th Century as business expanded, Caldwells was at the heart of industrial growth supplying its products, proudly labelled “The Best in the World” to railway, mining and construction industries across the Globe, quickly establishing itself as the market leader. To this day the concepts of hard work, modern technology, customer service and the pursuit of better quality are still at the heart of the company’s philosophy. The Caldwells name has always guaranteed quality and is established as such in the UK and throughout the world.


Combining over 150 years of craftsmanship with the latest technology and manufacturing processes we continue to achieve the highest quality at competitive prices. At the same time we continue to invest in development to bring new innovative products to the market place.


We put the customer first every time. Our customer service team have in-depth product knowledge and are happy to offer advice to make sure we supply exactly what is required for the job. We offer over 90% availability on all stock lines All orders are efficiently picked, packed and despatched using national carriers within 48 hours. Urgent orders can be delivered within 24 hours by special arrangement.


A recent development is to label every item with a barcode and product description, making it easier for our customers’ warehouse personnel to identify products, from goods inward through to despatch. This minimises picking errors and wrong deliveries, thus reducing the costs of uplifting wrong goods and raising credit notes. The system also assists retailers to identify stock and reduce handling costs. We understand the importance of generating partnerships with customers, as our responsibility does not end when the goods are despatched. By improving the sell-through we are able to work closely with our customers to increase their profits while helping to reduce costs. What better reason is there to trade with us?


We have a simple branding system offering two entries into the marketplace : Better and Best. This makes it easy for the consumer to identify the right product for the job at the right price.